A leading UK entertainment company stays ahead of the competition by augmenting agent performance

Increase in sales team revenue
Increase in sales conversion
Increase in agent performance
A leading UK entertainment company stays ahead of the competition by augmenting agent performance
Case study


The client is a leading entertainment company headquartered in the UK, with over £10bn revenue. It employs over 30,000 people and serves 20 million customers across Europe.

Business challenge

The client’s customer service agents lacked adequate knowledge of the company’s products. This hindered their ability to handle objections and o?er the right entertainment packages to satisfy customers, particularly those actively considering competitor products. In addition, the agents were unable to accurately pro?le customers and prioritise their needs, leading to sub-optimal results. Over a period of three months, 63% of agents were able to convert only 10% of the opportunities. The client was therefore looking to empower its agents by equipping them with in-depth product and competitor knowledge.

The client evaluated multiple BPM service providers and chose Firstsource for its deep expertise and proven track record in analysing agent performance and enabling e?ective agent coaching and training.

Firstsource solution

Firstsource implemented ‘Xsellerate’ Virtual Sales Coach – a solution designed to optimise the training process for the sales team. The solution identi?ed the following gaps:

  • A highly diversi?ed product portfolio made it challenging for agents to understand and prioritise customer needs.
  • Inconsistent scripts, lack of insights into competitor products and inadequate training in handling objections further hindered agent performance.
  • The result: poor con?dence levels negatively impacted sales conversions and ability to cross-sell/upsell.

Based on the observations, the Firstsource team replaced the conventional model of coaching and feedback with a more consistent and systematic one. The new training model:

  • Enhanced agent knowledge across various product o?erings and competitor products, improving their con?dence levels and enabling them to provide the right responses and o?er relevant packages to interested customers.
  • Created various scripts to help agents handle a wide range of situations (including strong customer objections) rather than being taken by surprise.

Business impact

The new approach to training helped transform the client’s agents into product experts and improve their communication skills, leading to contextual customer conversations, superior customer satisfaction and higher revenues.

  • 27% increase in sales team revenue.
  • 24% increase in sales conversion.
  • 65% improvement in agent performance during the pilot roll-out.

To learn more about Firstsource’s Xsellerate Sales Coach solution, email marketing@?rstsource.com or visit firstsource.com

Matched the in-house teams on:

  • Call quality scores – a sample of calls is audited both by team leaders and an independent QA team
  • Financial needs management and hand-o? referrals based on system prompts – for instance, “would you be interested in one of our credit cards?”
  • Encouraging customers to use the mobile app or online banking

Outperformed the in-house teams on:

  • Average handling time
  • Schedule adherence (i.e. are the agents logged in when they are supposed to be logged in)
Increase in sales team revenue
Increase in sales conversion
Increase in agent performance

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