Top UK entertainment ?rm lifts sales conversion to stay ahead in the market

Increased in sales conversion
Contact avoidance
Top UK entertainment ?rm lifts sales conversion to stay ahead in the market
Case study


The client is a leading entertainment company headquartered in the UK with revenues in excess of 13 billion pounds. With a workforce of over 31,000 employees, it caters to approx. 23 million customers across Ireland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland and Spain – in addition to the UK.

Business challenge

The client saw an opportunity to improve sales performance. Given that…

  • Sales conversion stood at 67%
  • Only 60% of associates achieved the set sales conversion target
  • 40% of sales associates achieved a conversion rate of less than 55%

The client partnered with Firstsource to identify the gaps and improve conversion.

Firstsource solution

Firstsource deployed First Customer Intelligence (FCI), a proprietary customer analytics solution designed to deliver actionable insights from customer interactions. FCI analysed 100,000 agent-customer interactions to identify gaps in the process. In addition, the Firstsource team analysed the competition, channel performance, as well as the key touch points in the customer journey. Taking this holistic approach to customer analytics helped the team identify the following issues:

  • Agents tended to propose packages they were most familiar with, rather than asking the customers questions to understand their needs and then propose a speci?c bundle to meet their needs.
  • Agents were poor at objection handling, particularly those that involved comparisons with competitor packages and price o?ers.
  • Agents often allowed conversations to end without asking for the sale.

Based on the ?ndings, the Firstsource team implemented the following solution to address the gaps:

  • The Firstsource team trained and coached agents on four critical aspects:
    • Asking targeted questions to better understand customer needs.
    • Creating speci?c bundles that would meet di?erent customers’ speci?c needs.
      Understanding competitor products and handling objections, especially those involving competitor products.
    • Closing sales e?ectively by asking questions like ‘is there anything stopping you from taking this package’.
  • The team also made the following process improvements:
    • Incorporated metrics impacting sales and retention to track agent performance and provide customised feedback for performance improvement.
    • Modi?ed scripts to help agents take better control of their conversations with customers by asking the right questions.


Business impact

The Firstsource solution helped improve agent performance leading to:

  • 15% increase in sales conversion.
  • 4% increase in NPS.
  • 2% Reduction in super detractors

To learn more about how Firstsource’s customer analytics solution reach out to our team.

Increased in sales conversion
Contact avoidance

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