Customer Interaction Analytics

Our analytics solutions generate insights about customer needs and behaviour that help businesses improve the digital experience for their customers, improve customer satisfaction and sales performance and increase self-service.

What speech and text analytics can do for your business

Businesses have vast quantities of customer data, including product spend and transaction history, service call recordings, chat transcripts, website browsing and app behaviour.

The insights buried in this data can be incredible – if they can be unlocked.

A 3-Step Approach to Harnessing the Richness of Voice Data

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Create a more seamless digital experience

Analysing customers’ digital journeys – the digital pathway they take, where they stop, change direction or switch channels – identifies insights about points of frustration, and the weak links in the chain.

Reduce reasons to contact

Identifying the specific digital triggers for a call or chat session – what was the customer looking, what information were they seeking, what were they trying to do –saves huge sums of money through contact avoidance.

Improve NPS on service calls and chats

Analysing call recordings and chat transcripts identifies the agent behaviours that correlate with customer satisfaction. Agents can then be trained and coached on these behaviours to improve results.

Improve sales performance

Whether it is handling an inbound sales enquiry, spotting an opportunity to cross-sell on a non-sales call, handling customer objections, simply closing the sale well – speech analytics identifies the most effective approaches, so all agents can be taught what works.

Predict the next best product to recommend to each customer

Insights about aggregate customer purchase patterns enable predictive models. These models can propose the best product to propose to each individual channel, as well as the best way and best time to do so.

Our Customer Interaction Analytics Solution

Speech and Text Analytics

We analyse voice call recordings, chat, social media and email records to understand sentiments, emotions and behaviour of both customers and agents.

Customer Journey Mapping

We analyse customer web, app and contact activity to model how they interact with a business across all channels. We turn this into visual representations – the maps – that show bottlenecks and points of friction.

Predictive modelling

We build predictive models for sales performance and retention to identify the best product to recommend to each customer, identify attrition-risk customers, and recommend actions to take.

Visual Data Explorer

Our visual data explorer allows managers and senior executives to explore the data, drill down to discover more detail, spot patterns and test their own hypotheses.

Why Firstsource?

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