Customer Interaction Management

We deliver enhanced customer experience and satisfaction through multi-channel customer interaction management, encompassing web, mobile, voice and social.

Seamless engagement across multiple customer channels

As the digitalisation of services continues to pick up speed, customer preferences across the world have changed dramatically – customer management now includes digital channels such as web, mobile and social networks.

Today, customer expectations are undergoing a seismic shift, thanks to the digital revolution. Customers are looking for the ability to strike instant engagements and use self-service options without comprising their experiences with a company or its products. This means, on any given day, customers will be engaging across multiple touchpoints – varying from mobile apps, social media platforms, stores to customer service centres.

Getting it right in this new world requires a seamless approach to connect customer journeys across telephone, web, mobile and social.

Statistics show that 82% of our customers disengage with the brand because of unsatisfactory customer service. As customers interact with the brand across multiple channels, it necessitates the need for synchronising these channels to provide a seamless, meaningful and delightful customer experience.

Customer experience has now become a compelling differentiator for businesses and at Firstsource, we ensure clients have the right channels available to their customers in a seamless fashion.

Stay Ahead

Boost customer growth and revenue opportunities with Revenue Maximiser

We help customers identify opportunities to increase revenues from their existing customer base. But this isn’t a classic telesales approach: our technology and analytics tools ensure we target the right customer with the right products, improving the customer experience as well as making a real difference to their bottom line.

Firstsource’s Revenue Maximiser tool pinpoints areas where you can increase revenues – through up-selling, cross-selling and by proactively targeting customers likely to leave or managing collections.

By being efficient, effective and targeted, we deliver a positive customer experience and enhance brand reputation during a normally time-consuming and costly process.

"Firstsource’s customer management expertise and process excellence skills have added significant value to our business, including reduced cost and improved customer satisfaction"
Brian Allen
Former Head of Direct Banking, Ulster Bank

Why Firstsource?

"Leader" in the IAOP Outsourcing 100 List for 2017

This prestigious designation is granted only to the best and most disruptive BPO companies

Trusted by FTSE 100 & Fortune 500 companies

We believe in long term partnerships - over half of our clients have been with us for 7 years or longer

18,000+ people in 38 global delivery centers

We deliver 24/7 customer support aided by advanced analytics, RPA and cutting-edge technology

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