Customer Service Outsourcing

Outsourcing all or part of your customer service operations offers huge benefits – improving performance, accelerating the digital journey, capturing customer insights and not to mention, cost savings.

Why Outsource Your Customer Service to Us

Accelerate your digital journey

From chat to self-service and contact avoidance to chatbots and AI, there are a myriad of ways to improve the digital experience for customers. Customers want more powerful digital self-service options, and that helps businesses too.

Capture customer insights

Customer insight is at the heart of continual improvement. Analytics helps make digital service more seamless, and improve the effectiveness of cross-selling and retention activities.

Benchmark performance

Outsourcing part of your customer service operations, or bringing on board a second outsourcing supplier allows you to benchmark performance. Each operation can compare itself, and everyone gets some competition.

Deliver cost savings

Best practices in recruitment, training, forecasting and scheduling and workforce management will make your operations more efficient and reduce costs. Some businesses also move simpler, more transactional activities offshore.

Manage variable call volumes and odd hours

Any business is likely to experience surges, peaks and drops in call volume and customer contact. When you outsource your customer service to Firstsource, we take responsibility to manage capacity and meet your SLAs, irrespective of call volume.

Committed to KPIs

When you outsource, we commit to delivering results against a set of agreed KPIs. We work towards delivering continuous improvements in customer experience – bolstering customer satisfaction and retention while reducing costs.

Clients we work for

Banking and insurance
  • Three of the top six UK retail banks.
  • Two of the top six UK motor and household insurers.
  • Two major asset finance companies.
  • Six of the top 10 US credit card issuers
Telecoms and media
  • A top-two broadcasting and media company.
  • A leading MVNO in the UK.
  • Two of the top six US telecoms and broadcasting companies.
  • Global provider of telecom equipment and networks
  • A top-three utility company in the UK.

Customer Service Resources

What we bring

Tailored outsourcing solutions for large organisations

Firstsource specialises in integrated digital customer management solutions. We offer customer analytics, omnichannel platforms, self-service options, automation, business transformation and customer management. In short, everything a business needs to deliver a seamless digital customer experience.

Customer Support, Sales, On-boarding, Collections and more

Inbound or outbound sales, technical support, fulfilment, on-boarding, complaints handling and remediation – whatever your needs, we have the end-to-end customer management experience and services.

Omnichannel, 24/7, Right-Shore

Customers expect service in the channel of their choice, be that voice, chat, email, text, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or other social media. We offer these 24/7 from centres in the UK, US, India and Philippines.

Analytics and Automation

We use speech, text and customer interaction analytics to map customer journeys and identify points of friction. We use this to eliminate bottlenecks, automate workflows, make self-serve options more powerful. We offer predictive analytics to make individually relevant product and service recommendations – in real time. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) makes agents more efficient, and speeds up underlying processes.

We deliver powerful business outcomes

On an annual basis we deliver...

200 million
customer interactions
3.1 million
web chats
3.7 million
email responses
2 billion
back office transactions
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