Digitally-Empowered Contact Centre

Elevating Customer Experience in the Moments that Matter
Firstsource’s Digitally-Empowered Contact Centre (DECC) offers businesses a vision of the future of customer experience (CX) and a path to get there. Every business charts its own CX journey with different starting points, priorities, competitive pressures, and limitations posed by the existing infrastructure.
Firstsource’s Digitally-Empowered Contact Centre (DECC) offers four fundamental pillars to future-proof your CX capabilities, so you can deliver the Moments that Matter to your customers – not only now but also in the future.

Pillar #1: Flexible workforce, anywhere, anytime

Modern consumers expect anywhere, anytime, and on-demand support. With cloud-based platforms and services, you can tap into agents anywhere in the world – to offer omnichannel services, handle any customer interaction, and make every moment matter. While this technology has been around for some time, lockdowns in the aftermath of the pandemic are forcing businesses to reprioritise remote working. A distributed operating model allows agents to work either in-centre or at-home. It boosts your company’s flexibility by improving your access to a much wider labour pool while enabling lifestyle-conducive shifts and better work-life balance for the agents.

Pillar #2: Channel freedom for customers

Digitally savvy consumers demand the freedom to engage on a channel of their choice and at a time of their convenience along with the ability to switch channels for a seamless experience. The next big trend in CX is enabling customers to engage with your business at their own pace – through asynchronous channels such as WhatsApp and text messaging. Asynchronous channels allow customers to drop and pick up conversations according to their convenience – rather than having to engage in a continuous session. They also enable you to nudge customers towards low-cost channels such as self-serve, chat or messaging.

Pillar #3: Humans and technology each do what they do best

Bots are adept at performing repetitive, well-structured tasks: checking stock availability and account balances, cross referencing information in different systems. Bots can also spot patterns across a customer base and make recommendations based on what has worked for similar customers in the past. Bots, however, cannot show empathy or use judgement – something that only humans can do. Combining the best of what humans and technology have to offer can maximise business impact. Human conversations become more efficient and meaningful as the bots pick up mundane, repetitive tasks, informing agents and making insightful recommendations. 30% of all customer requests can be handled by chatbots, offering 24/7 support and freeing up agents to handle complex conversations.

Pillar #4: Real-time dashboards and insights

With all the data in the cloud, it’ easy to gain real-time visibility into everything that matters: customer satisfaction, NPS, SLAs, volumes, channel and automation performance and so on. Deploying AI-based customer intelligence solutions helps synthesise both structured and unstructured data to drive fact-based decision making and superior customer experience.

Why Firstsource?

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