A distributed operating model for customer service

Our distributed operating model for customer service combines both an in-contact-centre and work-at-home approach. This offers agility and scalability to help contact centre executives drive exceptional customer experience and outcomes – both during normal times as well as periods of uncertainty.

The benefits of a distributed operating model

Evolving consumer expectations, volatile market conditions and a growing talent shortage are forcing businesses to innovate their contact centre models. Leveraging a robust work-at-home and in-centre model that combines skilled agents with the right technologies and data security standards can drive significant benefits for modern contact centres.

Work at home agents can be deployed at short notice, offering invaluable support in times of volatile unplanned demand or planned seasonal peaks. Work at home contact centres offer businesses the flexibility and scalability to boost Customer Management performance across a range of indicators

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Recruit better talent across geographies

Access a wider range of skilled talent across geographies to better serve your diverse customer base.

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Ensure business continuity

Quickly adapt to uncertain events by moving onsite resources to the work-at-home model and ensure uninterrupted operations.

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Ramp up or down easily

Flex schedules as needed to gain the much-needed agility and quickly adapt to unforeseen events or changes in contact volumes.

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Minimize physical footprint and go green

Reduce expenses related to maintaining and operating a physical space and create a positive environmental impact through a smaller carbon footprint.

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Improve productivity and retention

Enjoy increased productivity and retention due to lower employee absences and greater levels of employee satisfaction and work life balance that comes with working from home.

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Enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty

Deliver high quality support and superior customer experience by tapping into mature, qualified candidates wherever they may be, without geographical limitations

A Fully Secure and Compliant Model

Firstsource provides WAH employees with the latest hardware to securely discharge their responsibilities from their place of work. To ensure information security, all data is stored on the cloud and devices are locked, with WAH employees connecting to the server via VPN. In addition, every employee is subjected to a WAH Risk Assessment that is completed at their place of work prior to commencing their employment or within three months of employment.

  • Thorough work-at-home assessments ahead of any employment offer.
  • Work-at-home technology designed and configured to meet individual client information security requirements.
  • Detailed Technical Design Documents produced prior to technology deployments with dual sign offs from both technology and information security perspective.
work at home call center agent

A leading UK-based provider of telecom products and services has been leveraging Firstsource’s Work at Home model to hire agents most engaged with its brand – wherever they may be across the nation.

  • The model has resulted in strong performance across a range of business metrics such as Customer Experience, Productivity, Cost to Serve, First Contact Resolution and Employee Engagement.
  • It has also provided the company with much needed flexibility and resiliency during times of uncertainty. While approximately 70% of its agents were working from home prior to the coronavirus pandemic, the company was able to shift 100% of its agents to the Work at Home model within the span of just one week when the need arose.

Key Features

  • An end-to-end virtualized solution: Remote management of the end-to-end operating cycle – from agent recruitment, training and development to technology deployment, workflow management and scheduling, and monitoring and analysis. We routinely support clients across a range of front and back office processes.
  • Talent attraction, recruitment and training: Ability to attract, recruit and train people virtually across the globe, including the UK, US, India and Philippines. We deploy the latest Virtual Recruitment and Training software support to build tenured, high performing teams aligned to our clients’ exacting requirements.
  • Lifestyle scheduling: Flexibility for employees to sync their working hours around their individual circumstances. Our model supports a blend of shift options including full and part time as well as split shifts.
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Clients we work for

Banking and insurance
  • Three of the top six UK retail banks.
  • Two of the top six UK motor and household insurers.
  • Two major asset finance companies.
  • Six of the top 10 US credit card issuers
Telecoms and media
  • A top-two broadcasting and media company.
  • A leading MVNO in the UK.
  • Two of the top six US telecoms and broadcasting companies.
  • Global provider of telecom equipment and networks
  • A top-three utility company in the UK.
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Over the last six years, a major British telecommunications company has experienced significant success with Firstsource’ Work at Home Contact Centre model.

  • The model enables the company to seamlessly scale its shifts between 90 and 150 agents based on requirement while maintaining the highest levels of training, coaching and information security standards.
  • A dedicated Twilight Team comprising 10 to 15 agents helps vulnerable customers between the hours of 10 pm and 7 am, ensuring round the clock service and superior customer satisfaction.
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