Our people’s career journeys Grow and contribute at DKSH

  • Priya Mundra

    Priya Mundra
    Assistant Manager, Business Development

    I have been part of DKSH for more than eight years, and I must say it has provided me with a fantabulous learning curve. At DKSH, we have a unique work culture, giving us entrepreneurial freedom and a sense of ownership, which works wonders. With a great diversity of services offered by DKSH, it encourages me to enjoy a world of on-the-job learning and development in both my personal and professional growth. DKSH constantly invests in the employees which also encourages high performance, overcoming business challenges, constant learning and exploring multiple areas and opportunities. Authenticity, integrity, respect and excellence are qualities that exude from the top and flow throughout the organization. My special tip: If you are passionate and eager to learn, then the sky is the limit at DKSH.

  • Deepak Singh

    Deepak Singh
    Manager, Compliance, Central Services

    The moment I joined DKSH, I was telling myself that this will be a unique opportunity to learn not just about one but four very different industries in one go. The complexity of the business, although seemingly overwhelming at the start, makes every day feel like a new day and keeps me looking forward to what tomorrow has to offer. In every project or task that I’ve been involved with, there were too many memorable experiences gained. My most memorable one was organizing the Compliance Day. Right from the start of being empowered to think of how I would like the day to go right up to the end where fellow colleagues didn’t hesitate to collaborate on the actual event and participate whole heartedly. The willingness to step up at the request of just one e-mail speaks volumes about the character of employees we have in DKSH. For a guy who works in Compliance, integrity is everything. It was joyful to know that integrity was added in as the first value on the list of new DKSH corporate values which gives me the assurance that I have a career in an organization that values not just growth, but sustainable growth driven by ethical actions

  • Winnie Yun

    Winnie Yun
    Manager of Client Management

    Winnie Yun, Manager of Client Management, Healthcare, reviews how she has led a regional expansion project to introduce a medical device client into the Hong Kong market. The project scale was massive with a consolidated effort from DKSH’s Supply Chain Management, IT and Customer Care Centre. The project team advised and supported the brand’s integrations, daily operations, and communications with hospitals and various stakeholders. In reciprocal, the team received an exclusive backstage ticket to understand the client’s products, services, business scope, and the entire medical device operations. The experience has enriched the team’s understanding and capability to better serve the brand and future clients. Winnie concluded: “We are here to support a sustainable success for our clients, to turn impossibilities into possibilities. That’s why we/I enjoy working at DKSH