Hospital Revenue Cycle Management

Our provider business, MedAssist, works to continuously improve revenue cycle management for hospitals & healthcare providers, offering a complete revenue cycle product suite to enhance revenue for hospitals and improve patient experience.


Simplify the financial experience. Ignite patient loyalty.

Whether they have insurance or not, the only critical buying decision people make today where they don’t know the price or how they will pay is healthcare. The non-clinical side of the patient experience is a complicated maze of financial traps and hoops… for both patients and hospitals.

Hospital leaders rely on us to simplify the financial experience for both their patients and the people of their organization. Hospitals achieve a stronger financial foundation, while patients experience clarity and a path to peace of mind about how to pay for their care. Happy patients are loyal customers. And loyal customers tell their friends and family about their good experiences. That leads to new market share for the hospital…the kind of market share no financial software can create nor any marketing budget can buy.

Hundreds of hospital leaders have chosen to work with us at more than 1,400 locations of care across the country.?Leveraging the latest in technology and subject matter expertise, MedAssist can be integrated into your environment so you can achieve a stronger financial foundation and ignite patient loyalty.

Eligibility and Enrollment (M.Outreach)

Many people put off seeking medical care because they’re worried about how they’re going to pay for that care. This leads to people in our communities becoming more acutely ill then showing up to hospitals and emergency rooms, still with the added financial stress.?Get out in front of this challenge and care for your community with the M.Outreach solution.

Hospital and Paitent Accounts Receivable (M.Assist)

With growing complexity in receivables fueled by value-based and bundled payments, the patient is often the one that gets overlooked. Balancing empathy for patients with visibility to insights and efficiency in work flow is important in building sustainable patient loyalty and maximizing cash flow. Achieve this balance through an M.Assist solution.

Hospital Business Office Management (M.Source)

Thousands of small and rural communities rely on their local hospitals for care. Unfortunately, these hospitals’ very existence is at risk.?Greater patient responsibility for payment, growing complexity in revenue cycle, aging technology, and constraints in staffing qualified employees all put community hospitals at risk. Sustain local care in your community with M.Source.

Stay Ahead

Hospital leaders, simplify the financial experience for both your patients and your staff

  • Ignite Patient Loyalty
    Simplify the financial experience for your patients and your organization.
  • Denial Prevention and Resolution
    Don’t just manage denials, prevent them. Increase cash on hand and shift the focus of your team and resources from survival to growth.
  • Avoid Cooperation Cliff
    Automate eligibility processing, in real-time, while patients are still in your care. Higher cooperation equals more revenue
  • Preserve Cash on Hand
    Legacy AR conversions almost always require additional help. The challenge is choosing the right help.
"MedAssist has been a remarkable partner for us. Their propensity to pay scoring and best practices have made a substantial improvement to our self pay performance"
Shari Bailey
Director, Patient Financial Services, Premier Health Partners

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