Intelligent Automation for Healthcare Providers

Deploying Intelligent Automation – a fusion of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) – can help alleviate the time, effort and money constraints facing healthcare providers in the new normal.

Revenue enhancement and cost transformation opportunities have always existed in the hospital industry due to the fundamental architecture of archaic processes, disparate systems, and a zero-sum financial framework where the provider’s gain is payer’s loss and vice-versa. The COVID-19 pandemic is further straining healthcare provider systems already under pressure from exploding administrative costs, growing staff burnout, and evolving patient expectations. Hospitals and health systems today face unprecedented financial impact as they ramp up services to control the virus spread and save lives, even as they are forced to defer elective procedures – a major source of revenue. It is more important now than ever to challenge the status-quo and drive process transformation and innovation. The time to make a strategic shift in hospital financial process management and embrace Intelligent Automation is NOW.

It’s time to pivot to Intelligent Automation

Deploying Intelligent Automation – a fusion of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) – can help alleviate the time, effort and money constraints facing healthcare providers in the new normal.

While most healthcare providers leverage RPA across basic functions, the level of automation adoption remains quite low as compared to other industries. Intelligent Automation elevates RPA capabilities by enabling the system to make more complex decisions using not only structured data but also unstructured data. Automating unstructured content processes involving text and images allows the human workforce to focus on high value patient-centric activities such as improving case management, exception handling, and patient care and experience.

Driving Tangible Benefits for Healthcare Providers
  • Predictive insights into performance drivers for faster, more accurate decisions.
  • Lower costs, higher efficiency and productivity, and faster services.
  • Greater security around PHI due to lower human intervention.
  • Improved quality, safety and regulatory compliance.
  • Interoperability and integration between heterogeneous systems
  • Increased agility and scalability to meet variable demand.

Helping healthcare providers stay ahead in the new normal

For providers, the drivers of success in the post-COVID era revolve around enabling digital transformation in the areas of telemedicine, scalability, interoperability and supply chain. To achieve these objectives, Firstsource offers Automation as a Service (AaaS) across clinical and revenue management value chains, spanning the end-to-end patient journey as well as back office administrative support. From automating core EHR functions, revenue cycle management, contact center operations to automating processes such as prior authorization, patient scheduling, eligibility verification and physician credentialing, our Intelligent Automation solutions and services positively impact revenue, patient experience and employee satisfaction.

We have what it takes

  • Solutions and expertise: Our comprehensive solutions include Data Capture and Digitization, Workflow and Robotics Process Automation, AI / ML based solutions, and Operational Analytics.
    We combine our extensive automation expertise and deep understanding of healthcare provider financial management processes to help you quickly identify what to automate to achieve optimal business outcomes.
  • Industry-leading partnerships and proven methodology: Our partnerships with leading automation platform providers combined with our proven implementation methodology helps optimize your automation investments based on your current and future needs.
  • Remote advisory, implementation and managed services: Our unique remote assessment and delivery approach allows you to cost-effectively scale automation, a critical success-factor in the post-pandemic world.
  • Innovative commercial models: We work closely with our clients to deliver strategic business outcomes while providing a differentiated commercial model that shares risks and guarantees benefits.

Transformation Advisory

Process mining, reengineering & digitization across functional areas.

Enablement Services

Design and Implementation services underpinned by Automation COE and Factory.

Managed Services

End-to-end automation services, BOT analytics, exception management.

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