Revenue Maximiser

Our Revenue Maximiser tool maximises revenues for our customers by pinpointing areas with potential to increase revenue while proactively managing collections and targeting customers that are likely to churn.

Boost customer growth and revenue opportunities with Revenue Maximiser

Firstsource can help you identify opportunities to increase revenues from your existing customer base. Our technology and analytics tools enable us to take a highly targeted approach which improves the customer experience and makes a real difference to your bottom line.

Firstsource’s Revenue Maximiser tool pinpoints areas where you can increase revenues – through up-selling, cross-selling, proactively managing collections and targeting customers who are likely to leave. Our efficient, effective and targeted approach delivers a positive customer experience and enhances your reputation during a potentially time-consuming and costly process.

Sales through service to increase revenue

Apart from delivering great customer experiences, we identify areas where our clients can increase revenues from their customer base. Using our technology and analytics tools, our experienced experts deliver up-sell and cross-sell opportunities for clients to target customers.

Firstsource’s approach differs vastly from the traditional telesales type services and ensures the right customer is targeted with the right products, based on their profile and behaviour. This is complemented by ensuring that the right sales agent is matched with the contact. For some of our clients, this approach has delivered a 35% increase in revenue per customer.

Stay Ahead

Our mission is to maximise financial recovery output and deliver great customer experience

Managing collections can be a time-consuming, costly and resource-intensive process for businesses, but when done correctly, the efficient and effective management of collections is a crucial component of delivering a positive customer experience. Done right, it can even enhance your brand’s reputation.

As a global top 20 collections service provider, we partner with leading global financial institutions, healthcare providers, and universities, who rely on us because of our proven commitment to service excellence and compliance.

Firstsource’s flexible delivery model offers clients a customised combination of on-shore and off-shore staffing models to adapt to their requirements.

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